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Dr. Sean Preuss's mission is to help millions of people start AND sustain exercise and other healthy habits. Sean helps others live healthier and happier lives through his work as a writer, professor, speaker, and as a personal trainer.

Sean previously served a few roles in the exercise industry. He was the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of The Perfect Workout where he served as the primary educator for over 200 personal trainers. He has taught Exercise Science courses at several universities, including Bryan University, the University of Phoenix, and Grand Canyon University. As a writer, Sean authored the book/e-book The Heart Healthy Lifestyle: The Prevention & Treatment of T2 Diabetes and over 500 research-based fitness articles.

In his work, Sean helps people achieve sustainable weight loss, prevent or manage chronic health issues, reduce lower back and arthritis pain, improve bone density, gain strength, and build muscle. (Want to train with Sean? Click here).


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